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What Do I Need to Have My Own Web Site?

1. A Message: First you need a message - the goal or purpose of your site. It can be anything from a family web site to a fully capable E-Commerce site.

2. The Web Pages: Next the content will need to be organized in the form of web pages.

The right, professional developer can build an EFFECTIVE site that integrates with your current marketing efforts.

To get the most out of your site you'll want web pages that are clean, simple, fast-loading, interactive, attractive, and search engine ready.

3. Web Hosting Service: Once your site is developed it needs to be accessible on the web. This is accomplished through web hosting services.

4. An Internet Connection: Among other things, having a connection to the Internet will enable you to serve your customers by responding to e-mail inquiries and accepting order information.

Of course, that is just an overview, but we are here to help with the rest.MaJul can provide everything you need to have a professional web presence, no matter where you are located in the US. We've made sights for customers in our backyard and across the country.




Web Development

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