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Web Enabling of SAP Business Transactions
This seminar describes how to create Web transactions for the Internet Transactions Server (ITS). The ITS allows the user to develop interactive WEB transactions in the R/3 system using the ABAP Programming language and execute these transactions on the web.

This seminar is intended for persons with a basic knowledge of HTML WEB Technology and R/3 online transaction technology.

I. Introduction to the ITS
Principle of Data Exchange
ITS Tools and Files

II. Programming Model and Procedure
Programming Model
Programming Procedure

Check-in, Check-out
Starting a WEB Studio Session
Creating and Editing Objects
Editing Language Resources

IV. Putting it all together
Example (Calculator) of different Programming steps necessary to WEB enable a R/3 transaction

The R/3 Transaction
Creating the Service Description
Creating the Language Resource
Creating the HTML Templates
Testing the Transaction

V. Language Dependency
One of the features of R/3 transactions is their multilingual support. This section demonstrates multilingual R/3 transactions

Log-on language
Language Independent HTML Templates
Language Dependent HTML Templates
Language Resources and Placeholders

VI. Conventions
Directory Structure
Naming Conventions
Important Service Parameters



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