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mySAP Product Lifecycle Management
Information silos. Process isolation. Outsourcing of design and manufacturing. Is this any way to build or maintain a product?
What you need is an integrated environment that ensures all people involved in product development, manufacturing, and service have quick and secure access to current information. And that's exactly what mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM) provides.

mySAP PLM is the only e-business solution available today that enables collaborative engineering, custom product development, and project, asset, and quality management among multiple business partners.

The Solution of Choice for More Than 2,800 Businesses
mySAP PLM integrates all participants in the development process: designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. So engineering is no longer a linear value chain, but a three-dimensional, collaborative community focused on a common goal.

It also provides an ideal solution for any company that requires proactive quality management to improve equipment and plant performance. And the solution is ideal for any industry in which maintenance costs and equipment reliability directly affect profitability. It's no wonder more than 2,800 of the most successful companies worldwide have chosen mySAP PLM.


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