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Today, it's not enough to just access a vast quantity of information. You've got to be able to take that information and do something productive with it.

People need information from business applications, databases, email, shared documents, and the Internet. So you need a solution like mySAP Enterprise Portals that takes advantage of unification technology -- bringing together every piece of critical information and delivering it to your users. And once it's there, your people can swing into action, making better decisions, collaborating, and increasing business speed and efficiency.

mySAP Enterprise Portals, which was formerly known as mySAP Workplace, delivers the promise of true e-business by unifying every business process in the corporate ecosystem for strategic advantage and profitability. With it you can:

Manage all types of enterprise data including applications, databases, stored documents, and Internet information.

Unify all your enterprise information -- regardless of origin

Push content to users according to their specific roles and interests

Transform latent data into business insight

Collaborate and personalize

Access it all with a single sign-on

Take advantage of SAP's rich business process expertise



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