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You are here : R/3 Classification System

I. Introduction/Overview
What is a Classification System for?
Requirements for Working with the Classification System

II. Maintaining Classes
Class Types
Organizational Areas
Creating a Class (with an Example)
Engineering Change Management in Classes
Changing a Characteristic with Assigned Values
Renaming and Deleting a Class
Allocating Object Dependencies
Splitting and Merging Classes
Class List

III. Allocation Functions
Classifying Different Object Types
Allocating an Object to a Class
Allocating Classes to a Class
Allocating a Class to Classes
Example: Classifying a Material from the Master Record

IV. Characteristic Value Assignment
Restricting Characteristic by Organizational Area
Assigning Values to Characteristics
List Functions
Default Values
Matrix Processing
Interface Design

V. Class Hierarchies
Multiple Classification
Inherited Characteristics
Restricting the Value Set Dynamically
Object Hierarchy

VI. Object Dependencies
Object Dependencies in Classification
Local and Global Object Dependencies
Object Dependencies for Characteristics
Object Dependencies for Characteristic Values
Object Dependencies for Classes

VII. Finding Objects
Starting the Search
Finding and Processing Objects from the Search Result

VIII. Reporting in the Classification System
Characteristic List
Class List
Class Hierarchy
Object List
Classification Status





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