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BAPIs Methods of Business Objects. BAPIs, which stands for Business API ( Application Programming Interface ), is SAP's newest interface that demonstrate the openness of the R/3 system. BAPIs enable the integration of business applications on the business process level. They open up R/3 by providing access to R/3's rich business functionality through long-term, stable, well documented standard interfaces.

I. BAPIs - Definition & Introduction
What are they and what do they do and where do I find them ?
BAPI Catalog

II. Objectives
You'll learn how BAPIs are implemented as methods of business objects in the R/3 Business Object Repository We'll explore, how to develop Internet applications based on the BAPIs used for " Order Entry"

III. Interfacing via BAPIs. The new way to interface with SAP?
OLE Automation
SAP Business Object Control
Business Object Hierarchy

IV. Putting it all together
Summary of Programming Task
Using a Factory Object
Logon to R/3
Log off from R/3
Creating Business Object

V. An Example Application "Order Entry"
Complete Visual Basic Application using SAP Business Object Control
Debugging Tips




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