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 Web Favorites

Finally there is an APP that allows you quickly and conveniently to manage, organize and launch your favorites Web Sites As an added bonus you can classify your web sites into any categories you seem fit. This really comes in handy in case you have many favorites.

  Web Favorites

It is easy to setup your favorite Web Sites:
To get started simply click the '+' button. Here you can name your favorite Web Site and give it a description. The app will automitcally default the web site's URL (http;//) for you based on the name given by appending '.com' to reduce your setup effort. If the defaulted URL is not correct just change it accordingly. You can also select and paste the URL if you are in Safari. Specifying a category is optional but will come in very handy for organizing your Web Sites in categories meaning full to you. Once you have defined categories you can simply select them via '>'. This is it. From now on your favorite Web Site is just one touch away!

  Setting up Web Favorites


Web Favorites APP