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MaJul iPAD Application:
 SAP Launcher

Finally there is an APP that allows you to quickly and conveniently manage, organize and launch your web based SAP applications. As an added bonus you can classify your links into any categories you see fit. This really comes in handy in case you have maintained a long list of SAP applications and you need to locate them quickly.


It is easy to setup your SAP Launchboard:
To get started simply click the '+' button. Here you can name your SAP link  and give it a description. For grouping purposes you can assign a catgory for your SAP application. Once you have specified the server details such as server name and port (your system administrator will be able to give you this information in case you don't have it) simply click on the '>' to select the kind of SAP system access you would like to setup. Beside the obvious webgui application you can define ABAP WebDynpro, BSP, CRM GUI, Portal and SRM Enterprise Buyer access. In case of BSP and WebDypro the template contains an example application. To adjust just change the application name in the template and save. In order to successfully launch your SAP application you HAVE to provide the complete logon information (except for Portal and PI).

This is it.
 From now on your SAP application is just one tap away!



SAP Launcher in iTunes


SAP Launcher requires SAP's webgui service to be enabled.

Webgui Configuration Guide