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SAP Launcher


MaJul iPhone/iPOD Application:
SAP Access

This free APP allows you to subscribe to one of MaJul's SAP servers right from your iPhone or iPOD touch. We recommend to register before setting up your SAP access subscription in order to be able to access your SAP subscription on not just your iPhone or iPOD but also by means of a PC/MAC via a web browser or SAP gui.

  SAP Access Home

It is easy to setup your SAP access subscription:
To get started simply click the '+' button. On the next page select the SAP system of your choice for your subscription. Continue to place your subscription by reviewing your subscription details.

  SAP Subscription

Your subscription is being created once you confirm your subscription purchase. If you have registered you will receive logon and connection details via email. In any case you can immediately access your SAP subscription on your iPhone.

  SAP Access

Already an SAP Access subscriber...

and want to maintain and access your subscription with this APP. No problem; simply download your subscriptions by registering with your SAP Access name and email address and then initiate the download by providing one of your 'Initial Passwords' you have received with your subscription confirmation email. It's that easy!

SAP Access in iTunes